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The Piano’s Fascinating History

The beloved musical instrument known as the piano dates back to the early 1700s, originating in an Italian harpsichord crafter’s shop in Padua. Drawing upon historical precursors involving strings stretched across boxes and other structures, the piano was part of a grouping of keyboard instruments which began to take shape across Europe.

The earliest version of what is now known as the piano was referred to as the pianoforte. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is now home to the oldest surviving example of Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristori’s creation. Even though much time has passed since its initial appearance on the musical scene, the similarities between modern instruments and the initial design are indeed striking.

Of course, there can be no discussion of the history of the piano without giving significant attention to the masters of classical music who honed their craft while playing these beautiful instruments. From Beethoven to Chopin, the influence of composers and players alike cannot be overstated. Modern virtuosos such as Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk have also made staggering contributions to the evolution of the art of the piano. (more…)

What Do You Know About The History Of The Piano?

Have you ever studied up on the history of the piano? I was reading about its history a little yesterday, and I was surprised to find out the first piano came from Italy. It’s in New York now at a museum, but it was from Italy. Not only that, but it was built in the early 18th century. That makes sense because I knew the piano had been around for quite some time.

Do you play the piano? If so, then you’re in the same boat as me. It’s easy to appreciate the intricacies of this instrument, as the piano is not a simple instrument by any means. It is rather large, and its insides are rather detailed and even complicated. It’s an instrument that easily accommodates people who play different styles of music.

I have played a few antique pianos in my day, none of which were restored. The piano I learned on as a child was an antique, and there were keys that didn’t quite sound like they should. My family put the piano in the garage, and I would play on that thing for hours sometimes. The carpet would get all bunched up around it as I stood up and pretended to be like Jerry Lee Lewis! Of course, I was happy when I could play on a piano that was finely tuned. It was still better than using the cardboard cutout of the piano that I used to practice on when I first started taking lessons.

I also like the keyboard, which of course came years and years later after the piano was invented. We needed electricity for that one. Still, the piano is my all-time favorite instrument. While it’s not the first instrument that was invented, it was developed long ago and reminiscent of instruments that came before it, too. This 18th century invention will be around until the end of time.

The Centuries Old History Of The Piano Is Very Interesting

While the piano didn’t come about until the early 1700’s, there were keyboard instruments prior to the invention of the piano. As a matter of fact, they are what led to the piano. While the piano may not have been the first keyboard instrument, it’s the best in my book. Of course, I’m a little biased considering its the instrument I know how to play and love.

It only took about one century for all those other keyboard instruments to lead up to not the piano but the harpsichord. It would be another two centuries before the harpsichord led to the invention of the piano. It’s interesting to me that the piano was invented in Italy because I would have guessed a different country.

The piano being invented in Italy does make sense, however, if you think about how cultured Italy is and what was going on during that time period. I always have said that Italy is the country I would want to visit next time I vacation outside of the United States. I bet they make some very nice pianos there these days. (more…)

Learn A Little Bit About The History Of The Piano

How long do you think the piano has been around? As a piano player, I can tell you that it might be quite a bit longer than you think. In fact, it was 1709 when the piano was invented. What you also might not know is that the piano was not the first keyboard instrument. However, it’s been around for over 300 years. Do you know what the first piano looked like?

When I was younger, I had a piano that was made in 1888. That’s a pretty old piano if you think about it, yet it was still made 179 years after the first one. I like looking at antique pianos, but playing them isn’t so fun when they aren’t tuned properly or have parts that aren’t working. You can get them fixed, but not every antique piano is really worth the money that it’s going to cost.

At one point, I had an older piano that I wanted to restore, and it was going to cost almost $16,000 dollars to get the job done. Needless to say, (more…)

Learn About The History Of The Piano

The piano is one of the most instantly recognizable instruments, with a distinctive sound that sets it apart from all others. It also has a rich and interesting history, which begins in the early 1700s in Italy. Learning more about the history of the piano can help give you a greater appreciation of this beautiful instrument.

There are quite a few different ways that you can research how pianos came into being and how they have been used throughout history. One good place to start is the internet. You can find countless websites and videos that have chronological details about how pianos originated. Just remember that you can’t always believe what you read on the Internet. Because of that, you should always look for multiple sources to back up any information that you read online.

Books are also a good resource and are generally more reliable than the Internet. If you don’t want to buy a bunch of history books outright, you can always visit your local library. If they don’t have the book you are looking for, they may be able to borrow it from another library. Also, if you live near a college or university, don’t forget about their library as well. Oftentimes, you can find more in-depth books at educational institutions than you can at a typical public library.

Learning about the history of the piano can be a richly rewarding experience. The more you understand how this classic instrument came into being, the more you will appreciate its beautiful music. Once you know its story, you may find that its notes sound even sweeter than before. If nothing else, you will be able to impress your friends and family members with a bit of historic trivia that they may not know themselves.

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