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How long do you think the piano has been around? As a piano player, I can tell you that it might be quite a bit longer than you think. In fact, it was 1709 when the piano was invented. What you also might not know is that the piano was not the first keyboard instrument. However, it’s been around for over 300 years. Do you know what the first piano looked like?

When I was younger, I had a piano that was made in 1888. That’s a pretty old piano if you think about it, yet it was still made 179 years after the first one. I like looking at antique pianos, but playing them isn’t so fun when they aren’t tuned properly or have parts that aren’t working. You can get them fixed, but not every antique piano is really worth the money that it’s going to cost.

At one point, I had an older piano that I wanted to restore, and it was going to cost almost $16,000 dollars to get the job done. Needless to say, I didn’t end up moving forward with the restoration. What do you know about the history of instruments before the piano? Which instrument do you think was the closest to the piano prior to its development? If you’re not familiar, it’s the harpsichord.

While the first piano is from 1709, the earliest piano that can still be viewed is from 1720. Of course the piano has changed over the years. However, if you were to look at the oldest pianos around right now, you’d think they are actually pretty close to what companies make in today’s world. Do you have an older piano? Pianos are big instruments, so there is quite a bit of care that goes into owning one of them.