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While the piano didn’t come about until the early 1700’s, there were keyboard instruments prior to the invention of the piano. As a matter of fact, they are what led to the piano. While the piano may not have been the first keyboard instrument, it’s the best in my book. Of course, I’m a little biased considering its the instrument I know how to play and love.

It only took about one century for all those other keyboard instruments to lead up to not the piano but the harpsichord. It would be another two centuries before the harpsichord led to the invention of the piano. It’s interesting to me that the piano was invented in Italy because I would have guessed a different country.

The piano being invented in Italy does make sense, however, if you think about how cultured Italy is and what was going on during that time period. I always have said that Italy is the country I would want to visit next time I vacation outside of the United States. I bet they make some very nice pianos there these days.

Not only was the piano invented in Italy, but it was the city of Florence and Francesco Cristofori that gets the credit. Nowadays, pianos are subject to the digital world, but I still like the old-fashioned piano and what it sound like in person. There is nothing that can beat that, especially when you get to watch someone play.

Player pianos have a fascinating history. They are really neat of course, but again, I’d rather just play the song. There are many different types of pianos out there, but the most popular is of course the grand piano. Have you ever had the privilege of playing a grand piano?