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Have you ever studied up on the history of the piano? I was reading about its history a little yesterday, and I was surprised to find out the first piano came from Italy. It’s in New York now at a museum, but it was from Italy. Not only that, but it was built in the early 18th century. That makes sense because I knew the piano had been around for quite some time.

Do you play the piano? If so, then you’re in the same boat as me. It’s easy to appreciate the intricacies of this instrument, as the piano is not a simple instrument by any means. It is rather large, and its insides are rather detailed and even complicated. It’s an instrument that easily accommodates people who play different styles of music.

I have played a few antique pianos in my day, none of which were restored. The piano I learned on as a child was an antique, and there were keys that didn’t quite sound like they should. My family put the piano in the garage, and I would play on that thing for hours sometimes. The carpet would get all bunched up around it as I stood up and pretended to be like Jerry Lee Lewis! Of course, I was happy when I could play on a piano that was finely tuned. It was still better than using the cardboard cutout of the piano that I used to practice on when I first started taking lessons.

I also like the keyboard, which of course came years and years later after the piano was invented. We needed electricity for that one. Still, the piano is my all-time favorite instrument. While it’s not the first instrument that was invented, it was developed long ago and reminiscent of instruments that came before it, too. This 18th century invention will be around until the end of time.